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PVC/PE Cling Film Cling Wrap100m-2000m length or customized //30cm,45cm width 25-50cm customized 9-23mic thickness

PVC/PE Cling Film Cling Wrap
Material:                        PVC
Type:                             Stretch Film
Usage:                          Cling Film
Feature:                        waterproof
Hardness:                     Soft
Processing Type:          Multiple Extrusion
Transparency:              Transparent
Surface:                       Smooth
Place of Origin:            China
Thickness:                   9-23mic or customized
Width:                          30cm, 45cm or 25-50cm customized
Length:                        100m -2000m or customized
Use:                             Fruit and Food Wrapping
Sample:                       Samples for free


100m-2000m length or customized 30cm,45cm width //9-15mic thickness PVC Jumbo roll cling film PVC/PE Cling Film Cling Wrap

PVC/PE Cling Film Cling Wrap
Material:                       PVC
Type:                            Stretch Film
Usage:                         Cling Film
Feature:                       waterproof
Hardness:                    Soft
Processing Type:         Multiple Extrusion
Transparency:             Transparent
Surface:                       Smooth
Place of Origin:           China
Thickness:                   6-23mic or customized
Width:                         400mm, 300mm, 450mm or 250 -500mm customized
Length:                       100m -2000m or customized
Use:                            Fruit and Food Wrapping
Sample:                      Samples for free


PVC Cling Film 10 mic 300mm*150m //300mm*300m /PVC //PE Cling Film Cling Wrap

PVC //PE Cling Film Cling Wrap:
Material:                         PVC
Type:                              Stretch Film
Usage:                           Cling Film
Feature:                         waterproof
Hardness:                     Soft
Processing Type:         Multiple Extrusion
Transparency:              Transparent
Surface:                       Smooth
Place of Origin:           China
Thickness:                   6-23 mic customized
Width:                          30cm or 25- 50cm width customized
Length:                        150m, 300m or 10-600m length customized
Use:                             Fruit and Food Wrapping
Sample:                       Samples for free


PE Cling Wrap Roll //Cling Film Roll 10mic 300mm*100m //300mm*150m

PVC //PE Cling Film Cling Wrap:
Material:                                 PE
Type:                                      Stretch Film
Usage:                                   Cling Film
Feature:                                 Moisture Proof
Hardness:                              Soft
Processing Type:                   Multiple Extrusion
Transparency:                       Transparent
Place of Origin:                     China
Product name:                      PE Cling Film
Color:                                    Transparent
Application:                           Fruit, Food
Thickness:                            10mic or customized
Width:                                   30cm or customized
Length:                                 30m,100m or customized
Sample:                                Samples for free