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FB Aluminum Shisha //Hookah  Foil,HOOKAH SHISHA FOIL

FB Aluminum Shisha //Hookah Foil,HOOKAH SHISHA FOIL


Temper:                           Soft  
Use:                                 Smoking shisha
Alloy:                               8011-O
Certificate:                       FDA SGS ISO
Color:                               Silver
Place of Origin:                China
Type:                                Sheet
Thickness:                        0.006-0.02mm(6-20mic), 6-20mic 
Product Name:                 Aluminum Shisha //Hookah  Foil
Usage:                              Smoking shisha 
Material:                            Aluminum foil
Sample:                            Samples for free




Aluminum foil has a clean, sanitary and shiny appearance, which can be used in combination with many other packaging materials. Besides, the surface printing effect of aluminum foil is better than other materials. In addition, aluminum foil also has the following characteristics.

(1)Aluminum foil surface clean and hygienic, no bacteria or microorganisms on its surface growth.
(2)Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material that can come into direct contact with food without harming human health.
(3)Aluminum foil is an odorless packaging material that will not make food packaging smell.
(4)Aluminum foil itself does not volatilize, it itself and packaged food will never dry shrinkage.