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In the vast catering and food packaging market, aluminum foil containers and containers have not been widely promoted. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Among them, price factors, consumer awareness, and convenience of sales and distribution are all very important reasons.

Some catering companies have to use low-quality foamed lunch boxes and other plastic lunch boxes in order to reduce costs due to competition considerations. In the impression of many companies and consumers, aluminum foil container is a high-end product that can only be used on airplanes. But in fact, due to the decline in the price of raw materials and the improvement of production and processing technology, the price of aluminum foil is now very close to that of qualified plastic lunch boxes and biodegradable lunch boxes. If you consider the cost reductions that can be reduced in terms of recycling, water saving, storage and transportation, heating and energy saving, the cost-effective advantage has already appeared.

The public knows very little about aluminum foil container, the advantages of aluminum foil container and the protection of its own health, as well as the sustainable use, and the concept and habits of environmentally friendly use have not yet been formed. Quite a few consumers and catering operators have misunderstandings. For example, they think that the use of aluminum foil containers will lead to "aluminum poisoning" and that aluminum contains harmful substances such as heavy metals.
In fact, the surface of aluminum foil generally contains a dense oxide layer. The chemical properties of this oxide layer are relatively very stable. As long as it is not in a strong acid environment, aluminum ions will not be precipitated. There is no problem in normal food storage and processing. of. The so-called aluminum poisoning is caused when unqualified food additives are used, and has nothing to do with aluminum foil packaging.

Due to consumption habits and acceptance, the consumption of aluminum foil containers and containers is relatively small, and aluminum foil product companies tend to focus their sales on exports. The sales and distribution network of aluminum foil containers and containers is not perfect, the market promotion is not strong, the initial investment and cost of market development are also large, and the production and sales supervision of other non-compliant lunch boxes and containers is not enough, the market The order of competition is chaotic, which restricts the wider use of aluminum foil containers and packaging containers.