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            Aluminium foil dishes are favored by many people and used by many merchants. In particular, the prescribed lunch boxes used in aviation are largely made up of aluminum foil materials. The aluminum foil lunch boxes have the following advantages.

           Because of the characteristics of the aluminum foil, the aluminum foil lunch box has a very prominent barrier property, which means that the use of the lunch box can effectively prevent the soup from spilling out. If equipped with a special cover, the sealing can be more reliably ensured. Thereby playing the role of anti-leakage and heat preservation.
aluminium foil dishes
           At the same time, because the barrier performance is very good, when the aluminum foil lunch box is used, the air can be effectively isolated, thereby avoiding the leakage of the food smell in the lunch box or avoiding the deterioration of the food affected by the outside influence.

          However, it is worth noting that regardless of the barrier properties, it is necessary to look at the thickness of the aluminum foil. As long as the thickness of the lunch box is sufficient, the barrier properties can be effective.

           Because of the material relationship, aluminum foil lunch boxes generally have the advantages of light weight and good sealing properties. The light weight is convenient for transportation and the use of the lunch box, the sealing can ensure the quality and heat preservation of the food, and the good covering property can conveniently package a variety of foods, thereby ensuring that the lunch box is convenient to use and the function is very reliable.

          In summary, the aluminum foil lunch box has the advantages of both hygiene and practicality. While ensuring food hygiene and avoiding contamination of food, it can also present an aesthetic appearance and give a good visual impression.