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The aluminum foil paper that can be seen everywhere in the supermarket, in fact, many people have never thought that besides the aluminum foil paper that can be used in the oven, it can have other uses, such as effectively removing static electricity. Aluminum foil can help remove static electricity from sweaters. When washing clothes, take a small piece of aluminum foil and knead it into a ball and throw it directly into the washing machine, or throw a lump of kneaded aluminum foil when drying clothes, so that the clothes are not Will regenerate static electricity!

When ironing clothes with an iron, you can also put a piece of aluminum foil under the clothes, which can also prevent the clothes from generating static electricity and make them softer and more comfortable. The iron products in the house are rusty. You have to wash and scrub with steel wire balls every time, but the hard steel wire balls can easily leave various scratches on the surface of the utensils. The rust is removed, but the scratches appear again. Up. At this time, all you need to do is take a piece of aluminum foil and wipe it along the rusty area, or dip it with water containing carbonated water such as cola, and then wipe it off. The rust on the faucet can also be polished off with aluminum foil. For the faucet, where it is difficult to soak in soda water or other rust-removing liquids, the rust can be easily removed with aluminum foil.

The tool box that has not been used for a long time contains rusted vise, screwdriver and other tools. When you take it out and use it, you can also wipe it with aluminum foil. It can not only smooth the rust, but also polish the tool even more. Convenient and easy to use. If the kitchen knife is blunt, just sharpen it with a whetstone, but if the scissors are blunt, it will be a bit hard to grind the knife with the whetstone. Take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it, then cut it with scissors to make the scissors change. It has to be sharper and easier to use!