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1. Distinguish hot and cold

In fact, cling film distinguishes between cold and hot. In general, the fresh-keeping film used for refrigeration is mostly used in the refrigerator, and the hot one is suitable for the microwave oven. The cling film of the microwave oven is much higher than the ordinary cling film in terms of heat resistance and non-toxicity. It can be used for preservation in the refrigerator or for heating.

2. Simply make small holes

Some fresh-keeping bags are filled with fruits, or sometimes the utensils are heated with cling film, and the film is bulged/swelled. This is because the food or utensils contain some moisture, so under the change of external conditions It evaporates and supports the film. It is recommended to pierce a few small holes in the cling film with a toothpick before use to facilitate the evaporation of water and prevent the cling film from being damaged due to gas expansion.

cling film

3. Not that the more layers the better

In fact, when using cling film, pay attention to let the carbon dioxide inside evaporate, so it is too thick to volatilize.

4. This type of food should be isolated

When heating oily food, it is not recommended to use cling film to directly contact it. This is because the temperature of the oil is generally higher. Contact with the cling film will easily cause damage and then stick to the food, so when heating The cling film should be kept separate from the food to avoid direct contact.