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How to choose aluminum foil contianer?

Maybe you have been using aluminum foil container in your life for packaging, barbecue, roast chicken, etc.
So how to purchase aluminum foil container, as a consumer or buyer, how much do you know?

Step 1: the purchased aluminum foil raw materials are all food grade. Whether the aluminum foil raw materials pass the international and domestic inspection reports, such as: must pass the SGS heavy metal inspection report. Resolutely resist recycling aluminum raw materials.

Step 2: Each batch of stamping oil purchased must meet international and domestic food safety inspections.

Step 3: The mold used, during the production process, automatically filters the aluminum powder produced by the stamping to ensure that the container is free of dust. It depends on the ratio of one item in the test report to aluminum foil friction.

Step 4: The production base adopts a standardized dust-free clean workshop, and only adopts food-grade packaging. Hygiene, safe and reliable, the process is orderly, from on-site inspection or whether it has international standard quality system certification, etc.