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foil container production process level: under the control of certain main parameters of the processing technology, the adhesive is coated on the surface of the original aluminum foil to break the emulsion, and the quality of the emulsion will immediately endanger the heat-sealing compressive strength of the product. Among the more critical main parameters include the coating rate, the segmented temperature of the curing oven, the pattern of the coating roller, the shade, the number of lines, the position of the scraper, and the viewing angle. The coating rate determines the time for the coating to dry in the curing oven.

If the coating rate is too fast and the curing oven temperature is too high, the organic solvent on the surface of the coating will evaporate too fast, which will result in the residue of the organic solvent in the film, and the coating will not be dry enough to produce a dry, firm and strong bond. Layer, that will jeopardize the heat-sealing compressive strength of the product, and cause adhesion between the product layer and the layer. The straight pattern, shade, number of lines, and the position of the squeegee and the viewing angle of the coating roller determine the thickness and uniformity of the coating film. If the selection or adjustment is not suitable, the foil container cannot be evenly coated on the original aluminum foil, so the surface will cause uneven emulsion breaking, the actual effect of heat sealing of the product is not easy to be good, and the compressive strength will also be harmed.

The heat-sealing temperature of foil container is a key element that harms the compressive strength of heat-sealing. If the temperature is too low, the adhesive layer cannot be heat-sealed with the PVC film very well, and the adhesion between the adhesive layer and the PVC film is not strong. If the temperature is too high, the sealing will be affected. Therefore, the more effective heat sealing temperature is generally between 160°C and 180°C.

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To achieve the ideal heat-sealing compressive strength for the heat-sealing working pressure of the foil container, it is necessary to set a certain heat-sealing working pressure. If the working pressure is not enough, not only cannot make the adhesive layer of the product and the PVC film fully cater to the heat sealing, but even keep the air bubbles between each other, and the actual effect of the excellent heat sealing cannot be achieved. Therefore, the national industry standard requires the working pressure of heat sealing to be 0.2×10Pa.

The heat sealing time of the foil container. The heat-sealing time will also harm the heat-sealing compressive strength of the product. Under normal conditions, under the same heat-sealing temperature and working pressure, a longer heat-sealing time can make the heat-sealing position nail more solid and sound, and better achieve the estimated heat-sealing compressive strength . If the heat-sealing time is too short, the adhesive layer and the foil container will be insufficiently heat-sealed. Therefore, the national industry standard requires the heat-sealing time for scientific research to be 1s.