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There are special microwave fresh-keeping films on the market, which can be used in refrigerators and microwave ovens. This kind of cling film is far superior to ordinary cling film in terms of heat resistance and non-toxicity. However, most of the cling films sold on the market are vague in terms of safety. The materials and types are mixed. It is often difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish whether the cling film is safe or not. This greatly affects the safety of the cling film. discount. So, can cling film be heated in a microwave oven?

1. Exudation of plasticizer. Unsafe cling film contains a plasticizer. Although it can increase the adhesion of the cling film, it will penetrate into the food, especially in high-fat foods, which will endanger human health. This is when heated in a microwave oven. The exudation of harmful substances will increase significantly.

cling film

2. Chemical reactions produce toxins. If the cling film on the cooked food comes into contact with the grease on the surface of the cooked food or is heated in a microwave oven, the plasticizer in the wrap will chemically react with the food. Toxins volatilize, penetrate into food, or remain on the surface of food, thereby affecting and endangering human health.

3. The harm of plasticizers. In addition to the above hazards, plasticizers can also disrupt the body's hormone metabolism, induce congenital defects, sperm reduction, breast cancer, and even cause mental disorders.