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            Whether it is cooked or processed food, you can cook in a microwave oven. The use of aluminum foil containers ensures food freshness and has other characteristics. Among them, the use of aluminium food box features also can ensure good and uniform heat transfer. Can be used on ovens and microwave ovens to protect food from scorching, suitable for refrigerated, frozen and fresh food packaging

            It can be heated on the original packaging, and it can remain stable after cooking and heating. It is safe, hygienic and reliable. Containers heated at high temperature will not spill harmful substances to contaminate food. of
            When the aluminum foil container is used in a microwave oven, it should be noted that the aluminum foil container is no more than 3 cm thick, because microwaves can no longer pass through it. The container needs to be filled with 2.5 cm of food. If it is not filled, there may be a risk of scorching.

            Always remove the aluminum foil cover or the food will not heat up. If the food must be covered, use a plate or microwave-adhesive film. Don't touch the metal and the metal, the container should not touch the wall, door and bottom of the furnace, or other metal parts. This is prone to arcing and may cause damage to the microwave oven. Also, do not use plates with gold and silver trim.

           The aluminum foil container needs to keep a distance of 2 cm from the stove wall. It needs to be kept away from other aluminum foil containers. For example, the aluminum foil container can be placed on a plate, and the cooking and heating time is increased by about 10%, because the food absorbs microwaves from above. Damaged aluminum foil containers. Do not reuse aluminum foil containers.