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When applying aluminum foil food containers, pay attention to the following items, and only use aluminum foil food containers no more than 3 cm thick, because microwaves can no longer pass through them.

When used in a microwave oven, the container must be filled with food. If not filled up, there will be a risk of scorching. Remove the aluminum foil cover at any time, otherwise the food will not be heated. If the food must be covered. Please use a plate or microwave adhesive film.
Keep in mind that metal and metal can't touch, that is, the container must not touch the furnace wall, door or bottom, nor other metal parts. In this way, the arc and the possible damage to the microwave oven, aluminum foil food containers should always be kept at a distance of 2 cm from the furnace wall, or from other aluminum foil food containers. Such as aluminum foil food containers can be placed on the plate.

Increase the cooking and heating time by about 10%, because the food absorbs microwaves from above, do not use bent or damaged aluminum foil food containers, and do not reuse aluminum foil food containers. Please update and recycle after cleaning.