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How to classify, how to dispose of, which kind of garbage is easy to handle, which kind of garbage is easy to recycle, etc., have become the hotspot and focus of discussion nowadays. The purpose of classification is to separate wastes for disposal, utilize existing manufacturing capacity, and recycle recycled products, including material and energy utilization, as well as landfill disposal, and useless waste that is temporarily unusable. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing processing costs and reducing land resource consumption, it is good to have social, economic and ecological benefits.

Faced with the large amount of domestic waste we generate every day, it is not difficult to find that plastic fast food boxes occupy a large proportion. Compared with plastic lunch boxes, aluminum foil container are safe and environmentally friendly, especially the advantages of easy recycling are more prominent.

aluminum foil container have many characteristics and advantages when used as lunch boxes and catering containers. Including: safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-end beauty, convenient and fast, etc. At present, the use of aluminum foil containers and household food packaging aluminum foil has been very common abroad. However, due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, awareness and other reasons, there are large differences in consumption fields and consumption levels in various countries and regions, and the potential for development and application is still large.

In my country, in addition to aluminum foil container for aviation, in recent years, the use of aluminum foil container and containers has also begun to be popularized in residents' daily lives. The market development and application examples of related companies also show that aluminum foil fast food boxes are suitable for China's national conditions. They can enter the catering takeaway, distribution, and pre-packaged food industries, and can also be used at home, replacing plastic and paper lunch boxes in large quantities. It can be said that the expanded application of aluminum foil container and containers is an important choice for promoting green consumption, protecting food safety, saving food, and practicing the concept of green sustainable development.