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            Whether it's a refrigerator or an oven, aluminum foil containers have a lot of use, and using aluminum foil containers to cook food can save time. Because aluminum containers are the only packaging materials that can withstand high and low temperature changes, there is no need to change containers from the refrigerator to the oven. Moreover, it is easy to carry, and the aluminum foil container is leakproof, strong, easy to organize and keeps the food fresh.

            The foil container is also easy to clean and can be reused or recycled after use. There are many convenient uses for aluminum foil containers, which can be directly heated or frozen in aluminum foil containers, so many fast food restaurants choose aluminum foil containers because of their low cost and convenience.
aluminum containers
            Thanks to the characteristics of aluminum foil, aluminum has good conductivity and can accelerate the baking and freezing speed. Compared with other materials, it has great flexibility. Compared with other packaging materials, aluminum foil has greater expansion and contraction. Sex