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Aluminium Foil Food Container Products   

      Aluminum foil lunch boxes enter the catering takeaway, distribution, and pre-packaged food industries, and can also be used in homes, which can replace plastic and paper lunch boxes in large quantities. It can be said that the use of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers is not only an important option for solving current public health and food safety, but also an important choice for promoting green consumption, protecting food safety, saving food, and practicing the concept of sustainable development.

      Aluminum foil is used as a catering container.

      Possess high barrier properties: Aluminum foil has high barrier properties to water, various gases and light, and the barrier properties are not affected by ambient temperature and humidity. Therefore, in most cases, aluminum foil will not react with food, and can be safely in contact with food, and will not contain or help bacteria grow.

      Non-toxic and harmless: Aluminum foil is made of primary aluminum after being alloyed and rolled through multiple processes, and it has no harmful substances such as heavy metals. In the production process, the high temperature annealing and disinfection process is adopted, and no bacteria and microorganisms can grow on the surface

      High and low temperature resistance: Aluminum foil has good thermal stability. During processing and packaging, aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers can withstand temperature changes well. Under the high and low temperature of -20°C—250°C, the molecular The structure is stable and does not change, and no harmful substances are produced

      Good airtightness: The aluminum foil has good formability. In the process of stamping tableware, even in the wrinkle and curling parts, there will be no cracks and breaks. It can achieve good sealing, strong heat preservation and fresh-keeping ability, and can avoid spilling or contamination during food storage and transportation

      Conducive to recycling, aluminum has extremely high recyclability and reproducibility, can be recycled for unlimited times, and can maintain its original characteristics

      Of course, in addition to the above advantages, the aluminum foil lunch box also includes the characteristics of renewable energy saving, high-end beauty, convenience and speed. This shows that it is the best choice to ensure food safety during the epidemic.