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Pure aluminum foil has a clean and hygienic investment point. Other packaging materials are made of integrated packaging materials. The surface of pure aluminum foil is better than other materials. In addition, aluminum foil has the following characteristics. The surface of aluminum foil is clean and hygienic. , Bacteria and microorganisms cannot grow on its surface. As a non-toxic packaging material, aluminum foil can be in direct contact with food without any worry that can endanger human health.
Pure aluminum foil
Pure aluminum foil is a kind of odorless and odorless packaging material, which will not make the packaged food have any odor, because pure aluminum foil itself is not volatile, so it and the packaged food will never dry or shrink. On the high temperature or low temperature, the aluminum foil does not appear the phenomenon of grease penetration. Because of its good plasticity, aluminum foil can be used to package products of various shapes, and can also be formed into containers of various shapes. Therefore, aluminum foil has unparalleled advantages as a packaging material. Because of its excellent characteristics, it is widely used in various industries.